Who We Are

A community that is here to help

Chabad Gold Coast is a ‘home’ for locals, visitors, students and backpackers.


What does 'Home' mean to you


Memories, security, belonging & love… Each one of us ascribes a different meaning to it. ​To each one of us this word will touch a different place in the heart.

  • ​We strive to create a place where we can bring our children so that they too may share our values and experiences that we grew up with.
  • ​We have created a pleasant place - a place where we can celebrate holidays and our community.
  • ​A place where our children can learn to read and write Hebrew - so words like ‘Erga’ (longing), ‘Neshama’ (soul), ‘Simcha’ (joy) and ‘Chemla’ (compassion) can become part of their vocabulary.
  • A place where our boys can study for their Bar-Mitzva. A place for comfort and the prayer of Kadish for long gone loved ones.
  • A place to learn Jewish philosophy. A place where we could share the joy of being a community and embrace the beautiful things about our traditions.

Chabad of Gold Coast & NR Incorporated is an independent charitable entity which relies solely on individual donations to make this all happen. ​Every single donation, according to your will and ability, helps fund this for all of us!

All great things start with a small step.

​Come home!

It’s lovely here!